Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where? Panora!!

I can't hardly believe that the summer is almost over!  I have to admit, the sooner the better in my opinion!  We (Emily, Carson and I) have been very busy at the pool.  After being there all day, I almost always return with Carson in the evening.  He is quite the little fish.  I hope to be posting pictures of Carson swimming and the rest of our summer fun soon.  

As most of you have heard, towards the end of June, I accepted an elementary reading position at Panorama Elementary.  The school is located in Panora, Iowa, near Lake Panorama.  The district is made up of the following communities:  Panora, Yale, Jamaica, Linden, Bagley, and the lake community.  I've been approached many times with the question of where Panora is in Iowa.  Well, the best way to describe it is it's located west of Des Moines.  Carson is extremely excited to be a Panther and join his new school.  He is also excited about the toy room in his new house and living closer to the Sobetskis.  His two initial worries about leaving Belle Plaine were missing Cathy and Emily not moving with him.  I've reassured him that he will be able to come back and visit Cathy and that Emily has to move to her "college house."  After moving Emily from her apartment to her house in Iowa City, I now remember how much work moving really is.  How I could forget this is beyond me, but I am lucky to have as much help with the process as I do.  

Below is a link to a Google map of Panora.  It's only about 3 hours from Iowa City.  No big deal, right Emily?  I am VERY excited to begin what I feel is going to be a wonderful, life changing journey for Carson and me!