Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zoo, Kindergarten, and DISNEY

It's officially been forever since I've blogged and thought that it was necessary to catch up a little bit, so here's my attempt...

Part of the reason I haven't been writing is due to the fact that this winter was so, so, so nice and we never stay home!  We were fortunate enough to have nice weather so we took advantage of that by going to the zoo quite often.  The "off season" at the zoo has become my favorite time of the year there.  We try to go on Sundays because the animals aren't fed then and are almost always more active, especially Carson's favorite, the big cats!  The zoo has been under construction since October and since their purchase of Rosenblatt, I don't see that going away anytime soon.  They have recently put out a baby zebra and a baby giraffe.  We've seen the zebra, and Carson was absolutely thrilled.  My favorite part of the zoo, the Scott Aquarium has been closed all fall and winter and is set to have its grand reopening in two weeks, complete with touch tanks, new interactive exhibits and new sea life.  If you're looking for a fun, family friendly, cost friendly, drivable weekend trip this summer, I high suggest Omaha.  Carson is all sorts of excited for the camp he is participating in there this summer.  We'll be learning all about the big cats and being a zoo keeper with other five-year-olds.  

Carson has had a "bucket list" that he's been trying to fill for the last few months in order to "get into kindergarten."  There are still a few things he's trying to perfect like riding his bike without training wheels.  "You can let go when I'm five, mom." This week he completed the kindergarten round-up process and after his kindergarten clinic the other day, he told me he's ready.  I can't believe how much he has learned and grown in such a short time.  Whether or not I'm ready to have a kindergartner is the real question...! 

The most exciting thing we've been waiting for is Carson's fifth birthday.  Back at Christmas time Emily and I were discussing that we wanted to take Carson to Disney World.  Trying to find a time that worked with her schedule, my schedule, and Carson's was a trick, between finals, summer employment, spring soccer, school wide assessments, etc.  Well, we went for it and will be flying out before his birthday and will be returning shortly after.  We were glad we went for it when we did in January, otherwise with the rising gas prices, we might not be going!  We told Carson a short while ago what we're going to do and he was thrilled.  After showing him pictures of what Disney World looks like, he has brought home a number of pictures he's drawn of us at Disney World with fireworks in the sky.  He's convinced that the fireworks are the "magical" part.  He's equally excited to see and stay with his cousin Kalie.  Carson has informed me that he will be sleeping with her while he's at her house, not me.  No trip to Florida would be complete without going to the beach, so Carson's been digging out his swimming trunks to make sure they still fit.  Of course, Emily, my mom and I are all counting the days for what we're considering our "once in a lifetime trip."  

My first year of teaching has gone great and I've learned more than I could have ever imagined, but Carson and I are counting the days left of school.  Although I'm blessed to be able to enjoy other people's kids all day at school, I can't wait for a few more weeks when I'll be able to enjoy mine all day

Not tons of pictures to share.  My camera battery has been dead for too long...

Love, love, LOVE the Iowa Children's Museum!

Emily was trying to see if she could fit... She did.  I think...

I had told Carson about Disney World not long before we were at the museum.  
He was flying to Florida to see Kalie and go to Disney!