Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New School, New Daycare, New Adventure

It's always a sign that summer has come to an end when teachers have to go back to school.  The big difference for me this year is that I'm one of those teachers.  I've been busy this week getting my room ready and going to meetings.  My mind was officially pushed into overload this afternoon.  I wish I could say that I think a good nights sleep will help the whole mind in overload situation, but unfortunately, I think it's going to take weeks (or months) of teaching for that to go away.  Above all, I am really very excited to be in the district I chose, continue to learn from a number of expert teachers, and for school to start.  If asked a year ago where or what I'd be teaching, I wouldn't have guessed a reading teacher at Panorama (especially since I didn't realize it existed a year ago), but I can already tell, Carson and I are in a "happy place" here.

Carson went and visited his new daycare today and seemed to really like it.  I'm sure the whole missing Cathy thing will come into play before long (for both of us), but we'll work through it by stopping to visit her when we can.  He was excited that he is able to see mommy's school while at daycare.  Carson also got to meet his preschool teacher and see his classroom and is excited for that as well.  The panther statue (school mascot) and the fish pond in the front entrance of the school building is what Carson was especially interested it.  He also noticed that I "borrowed" a few books from his room.  We had to sit and read one in mommy's classroom.  

 I can't see enough good things about the people I've met here so far.  Carson loves his new house.  I'm shocked at his willingness to play in his toy room no matter where in the house I am.  His growing up is so bitter sweet.  I'll keep you all updated on how his first day at daycare goes.  Carson and I are both reaching some milestones in life and I'm excited to share them with those closest to us, even if it's from a distance.  :)