Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

The count down to summer vacation is definitely beginning after this extended weekend... We have had a fun-filled, fantastic Easter break.  The park, flying kites, bike rides, egg hunts, and celebrating Jesus, among other things, seemed to keep us plenty busy and spun many coversations about a summer "bucket list." 

I think one of the highlights of the weekend for Carson was helping Emily get ready to be the Easter Bunny's helper.  I started being the bunny about ten years ago and passed it on to Emily after only three years.  After being the bunny's helper for the past seven years, Emily is officially going into retirement.  :)

And she's off...

"Mom, take my picture while I roar!"
Visiting the Easter Bunny and residents at the Keystone Care Center.

Two peas in a pod.  I don't know which one enjoys flying the kite more. 

One of the eggs cracked when getting boiled. Carson was convinced that the issue was that it wasn't sat on by the hen for long enough and that only its head and beak were hatching. He gave Papa very specific directions to take it out to a farm when it finished hatching...
Turner Hall Egg Hunt.. Loved the way this was set up!  Plenty of fun and tons of eggs for all!

They asked if we'd empty our eggs before we left so they could use them again next year.  Good for them and me!  How many plastic eggs does one person need?  They'd be in the garbage at our house.  Plus, it's way more fun to crack those eggs on the spot!

One of Carson's favorite things to play is "parade." Sometimes I have to in it and other times I'm a spectator. Carson was explaining to Emily right before this that when he walked through with the flag she was to stand with her hand on her heart and STOP singing!
We checked everywhere and finally found the basket under the coffee table.  "That tricky bunny!"
After finding his basket, Carson held up his new swimming trunks and said, "Mom, I think the Easter Bunny knows I'm going to Florida soon!"


Feeling very blessed... God is good.  Happy Easter!  :)