Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation? No... Commencement.

This past weekend I participated in graduation commencement at the University of Dubuque.  I can't describe how many people congratulated me on graduating.  Although I sincerely appreciated all of the congrats, I actually graduated in December.  UD is so small that it only holds one commencement per year.  It felt really weird to be walking even though I've been working since January.  Honestly, I really participated for the picture.  I knew when I was finished with college (for now) that I wanted a picture with Carson in my cap and gown.  It wasn't always easy for either or us, but we made it through.  As much as I miss college, I know Carson doesn't miss me doing homework.  Little does he know, for a teacher, that never really goes away.  I never would have been able to accomplish what I did without my supportive, loving grandparents.  The rest of my family was also a big help through it all, and I so appreciate what they did and continue to do to help. 

We made a weekend mini-trip out of graduation.  We spent the night at Grand Harbor and were able to hit the pool both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday, we went to the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.  If you haven't been there since they added their new building or at all, I highly recommend it.  One of the coolest things we did there was went to a 4-D movie.  The picture was 3-D, but the fourth dimension came from the rain falling on our heads, the vibrating in our seats, and the steam rolling out from the picture.  Carson absolutely loved it!  He kept trying to grab all of the fish and turtles swimming directly at or in front of him.  Thankfully, there was a nice, understanding woman sitting in front of him because I think he hit her a couple times in effort to catch the fish. 


Although we could have spent much more time at the museum than we did, we had to get to Waterloo for a circus.  I know, we just went to a circus, but this time my mom got us the tickets and Carson's was free.  Honestly, I think Emily enjoyed it more than anyone! 

We're spending the week getting as much "quality" time in before pool season gets going.  I can hardly believe it is that time of year already.  Carson told the lady at Subway the other day that he was the pool manager.  I'm sure I could come up with enough stories to convince him otherwise someday. 


  1. congrats on ur graduation!!!! Wish you had told me you were walking. I would have loved watching you too