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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

As many of you know, Emily is the Easter Bunny for the city-wide egg hunt.  I'll never forget being in eighth grade and being asked to be the Easter Bunny.  As an eighth grader, it wasn't too bad because my life at that time consisted of babysitting, so I knew a lot of the kids.  I would have never imagined that 11 years (how long either of us has been doing it) later my sister would be dressing up as the good ole' bunny the day of my son's 4th birthday. 

Carson wasn't too excited for the egg hunt... First of all, he thought if he went, he was going to miss HIS party.  I assured him that the party was HIS and couldn't start without him.  Secondly, he was upset that I said "no" to wearing his lion costume to the egg hunt.  It's really a cute little vest, but I couldn't start the whole "wear it where ever we go" deal; especially since summer is upon us.  Carson's comment about not being able to wear his costume was, "Well, Emily got to wear hers... Why can't I wear mine?"  I tried to explain that wouldn't be the costume she'd be wearing to his party.  When we got to the egg hunt, we walked past the line to see the bunny.  I laughed out loud with sympathy.  It was quite comical to see everyone and their brother in line to hand Emily their screaming child.  When the police officer let off the siren to start, Carson (along with the other kids) sprinted off to find some eggs.  This feeling was very foreign to me.  Usually, I make him hold my hand whenever we're places with a LOT of people.  I decided since I knew most of them and it was his first birthday, that I needed to let go of his hand and just chase him (along with the 50 other parents chasing their kids) instead.  I'm sure the sight was as comical as it sounds... :o)  The egg hunt on Easter Day was much more of a "hunt."  I think Carson's favorite part was just being able to be outside.  Below are a few pictures of the different festivities.  Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Like I said, I was behind him, so this is the best shot I got of him collecting his eggs... :)

Getting some candy from his favorite bunny, Auntie Em'.

So, Emily, did any kids try to kiss you after this...?  P.S. Love my Clinque blush on your cheeks and nose... NOT! 

Easter morning... This is the "Ahhhhhh, COOL!  Mommy, look what the Easter Bunny brought me!!" look. 

And this is the "Mom, I don't want to take a picture right now..." smile.  The basket was kind of light considering his birthday was the day before.  He loved his coloring books and pool toys though. :)

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