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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Kitty

When we returned from Omaha yesterday, we found this kitten wandering my yard.  My cat loving friends decided it would be a good idea to pick it up and cuddle it.  God knows I'm no cat loving woman, so I definitely wasn't touching it.  Everyone left, although I think it was hard for some of them to leave without this adorable kitten, and Carson and I went inside and didn't think much about the cat after that.  When we came out to play later that afternoon, we saw that it hadn't left our yard.  Carson was in seventh heaven.  Carson decided the cat might be thirsty so he gave it some water, which led to feeding it bread and milk.  (I have no idea cats eat...!)  In the end, the cat got in our house twice.  It snuck in once and I'm pretty positive the little boy in love with it let it in the second time.  Carson decided the cat needed a place to sleep so I convinced myself it would be okay in the garage for one night only.  Carson got out a beach towel and made a nice little soft spot on top of his stroller.  He was thrilled when he saw the cat was actually laying in it.  When I put Carson to bed, he insisted that I wake him up early in the morning to give the cat new milk, "Old milk is disgusting, mom," and that is just what I did.  He was so excited because he could hear the cat meowing while putting his shoes on.  Much to our surprise the cat was clinging to the top of the screen door.  Carson got it to come down and took it new milk and tore up new bread.  He was excited to go to school and daycare and ask everyone he saw if they were missing their cat.  I have him convinced that the cat's family is missing him and how sad they must be without it.  The cat was not allowed in the garage for today while we're not there.  Carson moved the food and milk outside for it.  I know in his heart of hearts he so badly wants that cat to be there when we get home.  I on the other hand.... don't!  We'll be taking a trip to the vet's office if that is the case!  Ahhhh the surprises in life.  This will definitely be something Carson and I remember for a long time.  :)

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