Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Monday, April 4, 2011

"It's your birthday surprise!"

Happy, happy birthday to the best friend I could ask for, Miss Morgan.  Carson and I absolutely loved celebrating your birthday with you.  Thanks to the ladies that helped to make it even more special.  Another wonderful evening in the books.  Nights like this make me feel very blessed to have the best friends that I do.  I realize everyone (almost everyone, at least) loves their friends; otherwise, they probably wouldn't be friends.  I truly appreciate the friendship I have with my closest friends and feel blessed to be surround by such wonderful people.  It helps that Carson absolutely loves them!  When Morgan walked in this evening, he yelled, "Happy Birthday!  We have a cake for you!  It's your birthday surprise!"  He was obviously extremely excited to celebrate her birthday.  Little did he know, she had all of the answers for his birthday celebration... :)

FYI:  I had a pretty tired child as this point.  Also... they really do love each other.  Some onlookers wouldn't always believe that, but they do... :)

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