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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carson's Birthday List... Already.

Carson just stood in front of me and asked if he could give me a flower some day.  Of course, I said he could and that I would be so happy to get a flower from him.  "Maybe you can ask Auntie Em to help you buy me some flowers," I said.  He kindly informed me that he would give me a pink one for my birthday. 

Almost instantly, he went on about this birthday.  He pointed to each of this fingers and with a matter of fact tone he said, "I would like a trampoline, that dragon boat at Target, that dragon castle at Target, and an instrument."  The first three I knew about, but I was a bit surprised to hear him mention on the instrument.  I don't know where that came from because he never plays with the instruments he already has.  A couple weeks ago, I told him not to jump on the couch.  He responded with, "Well, I don't have a trampoline!"  That Sunday, he saw a trampoline in one of the ads that was in the Gazette.  He made sure to show me the picture and make a comment about wanting that for his birthday.  He better not get his hopes up on this trampoline deal.  :) 

His birthday isn't until the end of April and happens to be right before Easter this year.  You'd think this would be an easy party to plan because it's on a Saturday.  Well it's the hardest one I've planned (or not started to really plan) yet.  Carson insists that only him and I are in-charge of his party.  This might get interesting!  I just can't believe he's almost 4!  :/

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  1. That's a good b-day list Carson has going. I love the elephant pictures too!I loved hearing about him driving the elephant..what fun!!