Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tonight, as I was washing the dishes (yes, hand-washing... :-/ ), Carson said to me, "Mommy, I know where we can go."  I wasn't quite sure where this was coming from or where it was headed, but I proceed to ask, "Where?"  As confidently as ever, he responded with, "Vagina."  Shocked and mortified, yet extremely thankful we weren't in public (even though I'm sharing), I couldn't think of anything else to reply with other than what seemed like twenty questions, "What did you just say?  Where can we go?  Who'd you hear say that?"  Again, as sure as ever, he said, "You know, Vagina.  Mommy, like where Kung Fu Panda is."  Actually, this response settled me a bit.  "Carson, do you mean China?" I asked.  "Yes, I said China.  We can go there."  Relieved that I could hear a definite CH before the ina, I went with it...  It has been awhile since we've watched Kung Fu Panda, but we'll definitely be adding that to the movies we watch this weekend.  Unfortunately, I is no where close to being one of my favorites.  When it first came out on DVD we got it as a gift.  I watched the first couple minutes and wouldn't let Carson watch any more.  Finally, at like three, I relented and he loved it.  As his 4th birthday is fast approaching, I am wondering what type of things will be coming out of his mouth next?

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