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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday and Carson the Lion

Tonight, Carson and I went to the first ever "Feast Before the Fast" at church.  What a hit!  As we enter the Lenten season, I was so thankful to be a part of such an active, supportive parish and community.  With Mardi Gras as the theme, there was music, decorations, beads, mini parade floats, face painting, and lots of good food, friends, and fun!  Carson's favorite part was the face painting, of course.  Shortly after arriving, he saw one of his friends with his face painted as a tiger.  He went up to the lady who was painting faces as soon as he could and asked to be a lion.  This is the first time he has had his face painted.  I couldn't help but sit back and admire his reaction to this from everything to the huge, glowing grin on his face when making the request to the smushed cheeks and smile while getting it painted, and finally the joy that consumed him after seeing the finished product.  I was a bit worried that he'd be upset when it was time to wash it off.  If he was just going to daycare tomorrow, I would have let him leave it on, but I really didn't want him wearing it to school.  Tonight, I told him I'd take a picture of him with it on so he could see it when if "fell" off.  When it was time for bed, he agreed that it needed washed off so it wouldn't get on his new lion Pillow Pet.  (We're up to three Pillow Pets: an elephant, a giraffe, and now a lion.  Crazy.)  After really looking at the picture of him below, I am so thankful to have such a passionate and truly happy little boy. 

He wanted to give his lion the beads.  Can you hear the roar?  :)

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