Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carson's Night Away

We moved back to Belle Plaine last May after two years of living in Dubuque.  Dubuque was a wonderful city to live in, go to school in, and raise my son in.  Obviously, it is not a huge city, but has so much to offer for its size.  Some of our favorite spots in Dubuque included the following: Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Grand Harbor Waterpark, Carnegie-Stout Library, Jumpin' Janes, and the play area at the mall.  It was quite an adjustment to move back to a small town without all of these places just around the block.  None-the-less, I feel very fortunate to live in a small community that is not only working to sustain, but also to improve, the quality of life it provides.  Changes within the community in only the last three years include the new school facilities, preschool through twelfth grades, and the new aquatic center.  More improvements in the near future include giving our "historic" mainstreet a face-lift. 

Anyways... Since we've moved back to Belle Plaine, Carson has only spent a handful of nights away from home.  Although I don't get out that often, when I do, my sister is usually here to stay with him.  This past Sunday, we went to my grandparents for dinner, like we do many Sundays, and while Carson was eating he said that he wanted to sleep at their house.  Carson is a home-body and this is usually the only place he wants to sleep, so we were all surprised when he said he wanted to sleep in G'ma and Papas bed.  Carson had made a comment about Papa having to wear earplugs sometimes at night, which is something that was news to the rest of us.  We all new that G'ma was a snorer (sorry grandma :) ), but it was funny to hear Carson share this little bit of private info with the rest of us.  When we got home that afternoon, Carson packed his suitcase with toys, books, and movies and I add the necessities.  The plan was for G'ma to pick Carson up from school the next day and take him home to stay the night. When Carson got to daycare that morning, he was sure to tell Cathy that he was spending the night at his G'ma and Papas.  I called a few times, and every time, I could hear Carson talking in the background and was told he hadn't mentioned me once.  Did I feel bad?  Not at all!  When I called this morning, he told me that Papa was getting him a donut from the coffee shop and G'ma was taking him to Yogi Bear at the movie theatre.  The excitement in his voice was enough to keep me from going to get him immediately.  I feel so fortunate to have grandparents that are young enough in age and at heart to do things like this with my child.  Sometimes it comes as a shock to people that my grandpa not only babysits all day by himself, but he also changed diapers, made bottles, and helped with potty training!  Actually, I think he kind of likes it... :) 

So, as I sit at home alone this morning, working on homework and peacefully watching GMA, Ellen and The View, I am feeling extremely blessed to not only have those special people in my life, but also those special memories.  I know I have a similar post somewhere on my blog, but this is really the memories that we're making. 

Carson, obviously making himself comfortable, at a Iowa basketball game this year.

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