Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cover Letters, Cover Letters, Cover Letters

My blogging has been pushed back on the priority list lately as I have been busy writing cover letters instead of blog posts.  Job searching, researching schools, writing cover letters, proofing cover letters, rewriting cover letters, resume proofing, etc., etc. has pretty much consumed the majority of my time that isn't spent subbing at this point.  I've had so many wonderful experiences in classrooms I'd never had gotten the chance to be in without subbing.  The things I've learned from subbing about classroom management and teaching methods have been so beneficial.  One of my more recent subbing opportunities took me to high school P.E. last week.  They seemed to like me better after I told them, "This is hell for me."  My weeks can get pretty diverse with classes like fourth grade, high school P.E., four year-old preschool, and middle school resource all in a matter of five days.  Hopefully, it will all pay off soon with interviews and eventually a job!  Other than that, we've been well and don't have much to report.  Carson started what seems to be just a cold, so hopefully we'll escape the influenza A and B bugs for the season.  His main topic of conversation lately has included something about how both him and I are in charge of his birthday, which is the day before Easter this year.  Can't believe he's going to be 4!  Sooooooo bitter-sweet!  I've been doing more preseason pool work than ever before.  This must be a sign that the warm air has to be joining us soon?!?!   

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