Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Carson's back is turning red?

When I picked Carson up from preschool today his teacher told me what he had said...  Sometimes when phrases start like this from his teachers I seriously hold my breath waiting to hear what direction it's going to go... No bad reports yet!\

Apparently, Carson had told his teacher that his back is turning red.  When she asked why he said it was because he was eating vegetables and healthy foods like noddles, goldfish and fruit snacks.  We all found this pretty hilarious.  I think instead of healthy foods, he meant his favorite foods! 

I love hearing things kids say in the classrooms I'm in and that's mainly 3rd-6th grades.  I remember loving some of the things I heard as a preschool associate.  At the time, Carson was too little for me to imagine that some of the same things would be coming out of his mouth one day.  I often wonder what some parents would think if they knew everything their children shared about them in a school day.  I can hardly imagine what Carson's teachers are beginning and will continue to learn about us!! HAHA!

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