Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our First Snowman

Carson loved playing in the snow when we built these earlier this week.  The big "Mommy" snowman only lasted about two hours, but the little "Carson" snowman is still standing as I write (6 days later!!).  I can hardly believe no one has messed with them as we only live three houses from the school.  Carson checks every morning when he wakes up to see if his snowman is still standing.  It will be a traumatic morning when he wakes up and it's no longer there...  He didn't care to be playing in the snow for more than about 15 minutes prior to building these.  I think this is mainly because he is a little bit afraid of the snowblower.  Hopefully he fades out of this like he did his fear of the vacuum! 

Now that we've gotten this milestone complete... Carson and I are ready for summer!  He talks about "swimming lessons" allllllllll the time!

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  1. Love this pic of Carson by his first snowman!!!! Carson 15min is about all I want of the cold too...I think the bears have a great idea of hibernating all winter!!! I want to be abear in the winter.