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Friday, January 28, 2011

"Make my toes match. Please!"

When my mom moved to Cedar Rapids, there wasn't really room in her new condo for her dining room table.  Mine, to say the least, was a piece... so I got her table.  She dropped the table leafs off and they were sitting in my dining room.  While running to the basement to do a load of laundry, I suddenly hear a bang and Carson screaming.  I ran up the stairs terrified with fear as to what I was going to find.  A table leaf was on the floor and Carson was holding his foot.  He told me he wanted it to be his train track and it fell on his foot.  Well after a few days the toenail turned purple.  Luckily, when the leaf hit, it cracked his toenail a bit so I didn't have to drain it with a needle or something.  I can see his toe is getting better, but it hasn't totally grown out yet.  This morning, I was painting my nails a somewhat dark color.  He saw this and said to me, "Make my toes match.  Please!  You can use that stuff!"  So... I did.  One doesn't hurt, does it?  ;)  We'll see if he still wants to the polish on his toe after the other little boys see it at daycare today...

The colors are close enough for Carson... :)

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  1. It's ok Anna. According to Avery boys can have just one toenail painted. This is what she told Carson one day when we were talking about her painted toes.