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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Awfully... Well...."

Carson's vocabulary is growing ever day.  I have been told more than once that he talks like a "little old man."  His comments usually either make me laugh or terrify me for what is about to come... Lately, many of his comments include the words awfully or well.  Here are a few things he has said to me today... Hopefully, he'll get a kick out of it years from now. 

After eating Cheerios with milk at the table...
"That's an awfully big mess."

After receiving a chocolate kiss for repeatedly using good manners...
"That's awfully nice of you, mommy."

Walking outside to get to the car...
"It's awfully cold out here.  I just don't care for this winter stuff anymore!"

"Well" gets used all of the time.  Too many examples to list specifically.
"Well, I think we should..."
"Well, who's going to..."
"Well, I don't really..."
"Well, you should..."
"Well, what if..."

The way toddlers learn to speak, understand, and communicate is simply amazing.  Listening to toddlers communicate with other toddlers is my favorite.  Although I cannot understand what some of them are saying at times, Carson understands it plain as day.  Carson is a very interest driven child.  If I can find a way to relate whatever it is that I want him to grasp to animals, he's got it.  The knowledge he has about animals is wonderfully remarkable, but I wish he would show as much interest in learning to write his name as he does about the fact that zoo animals live in captivity.  I am glad that he is passionate about something, but I hope he spreads his wings soon... I'm getting bored with zoo animals!

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