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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bike Riding in February? YES!!

Today was the first of many beautiful days in store for us this week.  After the arctic temperatures we endured last week, 40 degrees felt like a heat wave!  Carson has been asking for weeks to ride his bike, but obviously, that is kind of hard to do with snow covered sidewalks and freezing temperatures.  He was overjoyed to be able to get his bike out and ride it on the sidewalk up and down the block today.  When he got outside and discovered his snowman had melted, tears rolled down his cheeks.  Explaining to him that since his snowman had melted it was warm enough to ride his bike wasn't easy, but I think he got it.  Eventually, he pulled his lawnmower and Little Tikes car out of the garage too.  I remember the ice storm that left us without power at this time in February when I was pregnant with him four short years ago.  Hopefully, a sunny sky instead of a snowy one is a sign of an early spring!  As he gets older, it is so, so much harder to stay inside.  We're both ready for days at the pool!

Testing out the bell.

So nice out that he wanted his sun glasses on.  He kept asking me to take his picture every time he got out of the car.  Goofy boy.

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