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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In...

I can't turn on the T.V. or computer without seeing or hearing something about the foot of snow we have "so surprisingly" received over the past two days.  No matter how long people live here, they always seems to get extremely worked up over a little snow. :)  I suppose if I had to worry about getting somewhere I'd be a little worked up too.  Carson being sick with strep throat came at the right time, because we wouldn't be going anywhere anyways. 

Although I don't have to worry about traveling, I do have to find enough to do to for us to stay sane.  So far, since Carson hasn't felt the best, we've spent the majority of our time watching movies.  Some we've watched multiple times, and we haven't made it all the way through others.  The number may seem extreme, but remember, we don't have cable so it's movies or IPTV.  I wonder what Carson will think at 22 when he sees all of these movies he loved when he was three.  I'm sure he'll wonder how he ever survived without cable!  Sometimes, at 22, I wonder how I'm surviving without it... :)  

Obviously, some of these are childhood favorites of mine.  I wonder if any of these will be favorites of his children...?

Other than movies, we've read a lot of books, played with a lot of animals, and put every puzzle together that we have at least once.  While my biggest task has been washing bedding, pillow pets, and throws, Carson's has been building this Lego house. 

I can't imagine how bored we'd be without his imagination...

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  1. He does have a great imagination!!!! I love it!! That lion is too real looking!!!