Carson loved his first Iowa men's basketball game!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Funday

Our day started bright and early at church this morning.  Carson has been doing so well.  I have noticed a difference in him even in the last two weeks.  I haven't retained much from church since before he was born.  I have spent the last three (almost four) years doing whatever it took to keep him quiet and still for an hour.  My mind has either been on how to quiet him down or what to do keep him quiet the next time he cries, laughs, or speaks too loudly.  Today, he sat next to one of his friends.  She is a doll.  It was hilarious to sit and listen to their whispers.  If anyone had a hard time in church, it was me.  There were points where I just couldn't hold back a laugh.  Carson still likes to sit on my lap for the majority of mass, but finally sits still and quietly without taking any toys, books, or snacks to church.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it is!  Another milestone gone by...

After lunch we decided to go sledding.  The hill we chose behind the old junior high school was perfect!  Big enough that Carson was able to speedily slide down the hill, yet small enough that he was able to carry his own sled and walk back up.  At one point, he asked me to carry him up.  When I said that we'd have to go home if he couldn't walk up the hill anymore (mean mom, I know) he quickly said he was fine.  His sock had fallen off in his boot and as much as that bothered him, he didn't want to stop sledding.  We'll definitely have to do this again before winter comes to an end.  Unfortunately, this week is going to be bitterly cold, so it might be awhile. 

When we got home, Carson wanted to make valentine cookies (break and bake ;o)).  We ended the evening by watching part of the Super Bowl.  Carson decided he wanted the Packers to win because he has a friend that loves the Packers.  He claims that he only likes the Hawkeyes and the Lions (he doesn't quite understand this isn't exactly animals playing animals).  We traded the Super Bowl for Flicka and fell asleep... Sunday=Funday!   :o)


  1. I'm glad mine isn't the only toddler that has trouble being quiet in church! Hope your weekend weather is warm and you're able to play outside some more!

  2. ummm well Carson said that when he is older he wanted to be a Husker...