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Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Skipping the "Hair Dry."

Can you imagine a child that LOVES the swimming pool but doesn't like getting his hair washed in the tub?  Well, that'd be mine.  Carson spends a lot of time at the pool under water.  I can't describe the way people looked at me when I let him go under the water at the pool this summer.  Eventually, he would come up for air and on-lookers would start breathing again.  I remember looking at parents at the pool in this exact same way as a lifeguard.  Now, that I'm a parent and pool employee, I find it pretty comical. 

Ever since last September, Carson has not enjoyed me washing his hair when taking a bath.  I give him a bath almost every night because its calming affects are obvious for him.  He refuses to take a shower, but I'm sure when the day comes that he won't let me give him a bath anymore, I'll miss it. 

Also, since September, Carson has insisted on me blowing his hair dry after his bath.  Some nights, I try to coax him into skipping this part of  his bathing routine.  His response is always, "No skipping the hair dry."  I really hope this fades by summer!

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